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Why I do what I do!

During my 21 years as a nurse, I have seen a great many things, and nothing has affected me more that seeing malpractice issues, pharmacological injury, even gross negligence of a 3rd party, and the impact that they have had on patients. This lead me to question a great many things but the main question was "What could I do to affect change in these situations?" A simple answer to this question eluded me, but did lead me down a path of self and professional exploration which eventually lead me to Legal Nurse Consulting.

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A Legal Nurse Consultant is a Registered Nurse who functions as the medical expert on a legal team. As the medical expert they asisst in interpretation of medical terminology and jargon, assist in the understanding of medical procedures as well as a guide in maneuvering through a medical chart looking for lapses in standards of care.


Over 20 years of Clinical Nursing Experience

Areas of Clinical Experience include Trauma Nursing, General Medical Nursing, Dialysis, PeriOperative Nursing, Clicnical Quality and Informatics.

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Experienced and Detail Oriented!

William is a veteran nurse of more that 20 years with a strong knowledge base in nursing and a sharp eye for detail.

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