Case Screening for Merit

What is involved in a case Screening or evaluation?

There are several steps involved in screening or evaluating a case. THis evaluation process is integral in assisting in determing Merit. This multi-step process will can ascertain if the case has any basis in fact, in another words this will point out the the law firm whether or not the injuries match up. With this evaluation you will be able to find out if the case has Merit early on in the process to potentially prevent a wasted time and fiancial investment. This Service's importance lies in that it can effectively weed out cases that hold no Merit and assist in preventing a legal venture that would potentially lead to a loss in time and money on the part of the Law Firm.

Step 1: Evaluation of the nature of the claim.
  • This is the step where the nature of the injury will be evaluated and determined if they are consistant with the injuries and or claims.
  • Step 2: Evaluation of the facts.
  • The facts of the case are the single most part of the case screening
  • This is where the legal nurse consultant investigates and determines all of the facts surounding the case and or injury to gain a solid and objective view of the facts
  • Step 3: Evaluation of the Injuries.
  • This step involved the Legal Nurse Consultant to ultilize their medical training and knowledge to evaluate the injures the client is claiming.