How can a Legal Nurse Consultant assist a law firm?
A legal Nurse Consultant can assist in litigation matters dealing with Medical situations. Ways they can assis is they are able to Organize medical records, help by searching medical records and assist with discovery, interpret medical notes and jargon, assist with preparing for depositions, and help in locating expert witnisses.
Why do law firms need Legal Nurse Consultant services?
Legal Professionals want and need to efficiently employ their time and resources. A Legla Nurse Consultant can review and analyze medical information in a timely manner. They can also be employed to screen cases for merit, identify potential injury cause, identify and review Standard of Care deviations, establish chronologies and time lines, attend independent medical exams, identify and prepare expert witnesses as well as various other services.
How a Legal Nurse Consultant is able to improve a law firm's legal service delivery?
Legal nurse consultants remove the strain and time constraints of your extensive medical research. What a Legal Nurse Consultant brings to the table is specialized healthcare education and training as well as clinical experience. Their education and experience distinguishes them by their ability to examine, recognize, and interpret all relevant medically related information in a case.
Who employs Legal Nurse Consultants?
Legal Nurse Consultants usually work with Plaintiff and Defense attorneys as well as Insurance Companies.