William has served in the Healthcare Industry for over 20 years.

William's career in healthcare started at the bedside as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Long Tern Care in 1994, while attending nursing school full time.

He graduated in 1996 in the top 10% of his class and obtained his Licensed Practical Nurse licensure and worked in a myriad of practical settings such as Long Term Care, Medical Surgical Units, Intravenous Therapy, Hemodialysis, Health Clinics, and Home Care. During his tenure as an LPN he gathered a strong professional work ethic, excellent assessment skills, a keen eye for detail and an intimate knowledge of Healthcare and Nursing Practice, Policy and Procedures.

In 2004 he graduated from Monroe Community College as an ASN and became licensed as Registered Professional Nurse. In this roll he skillfully advanced as a staff nurse in Trauma/Emergency Medicine, a Charge Nurse, Clinical Shift Manager, Unit Preceptor, Telephonic Case Management, Quality Improvement, Peri-Operative Charge Nurse and a Circulating, Operating Room Nurse.

On the administrative side of Nursing, practical work experience was gained in Quality Improvement and Informatics, Chart Audit and Review, Documentation Review, Physician Peer Review, which was integral in Physician credentialing, re-credentialing and in Physician Care Concern Reviews under the direction of the Physician Peer Review Committee.

In 2016, William received his Master’s Degree in Nursing Informatics from Walden University. William is currently a Clinical Nurse Informaticist for a majory Healthcare Provider in the Metro Atlanta providing regular patient record reviews for the new patient population.